Ichigo x PINKaholic

Your favorite shoe brand has teamed up with PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe to bring you fresh new designs to get you ready this summer season. 


I’m sure you are all familiar with the well-established shoe brand, Ichigo which means strawberry in Japanese. How cute is that? =)

What i love about them? I noticed how they carefully pick out the materials they use in order for them to provide good quality shoes without forgetting every bit of detail when it comes to design, colour, style and prints. Another thing that i love about them is how soft and comfy their shoes are. I’d call them feet friendly!

Sheila in fuchsia and green – P920


Shyren in black and white stripes – P880


Shyren in floral green and floral red- P880


Mila in seafoam green, pink and yellow – P820

imageCharise in yellow, seafoam green and salmon pink- P800


Sybil in stripes and floral -P780

Follow Ichigo on:
Instagram: @ichigoshoes

Follow PINKaholic on:
Instagram: @Pinkaholicfs

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