Roll up those sleeves

So basically, i only have 4 galaxy printed items inside my wardobe. I’m a huge fan of the print but not to the extent that i would actually flood myself with buying everything that comes in galaxy. I always thought that this trend would just pass so good thing i was able to control myself from buying too much galaxy-ish things. hehe!



Oasap galaxy shirt/ PINKaholic oversized shorts


OS overbite cap


Got this galaxy t-shirt from Oasap just because i felt like i needed to get me one these galaxy tees. Its just a simple shirt that you can wear with a pair of denim cut-offs or leggings since this is a bit longer than your usual shirt. Roll up those sleeves to add a bit of attitude. *wink*



Gold Dot honey platforms


Okay so this hand-on-my-head pose has been too redundant for this ootd blogpost. =p Somehow it annoys me that I unconsciously do that whenever i take outfit shots. Almost like a reflex. haha!

Anyway, notice something new? Yes, new look for my blog! Yay! So obviously, my photos are now extremely large. Lol. Just how i want it. I really wanted them to appear BIG since large photos has been one of my frustrations from my previous layout. This is actually my first blog post using the new layout.

Hope you like today’s post!

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