I’ll reach for your hand in the heat of summer

Forever21 bag

PINKaholic chiffon top/ Forever21 white shorts

Pill shoes studded flats

Crafty Details armcandies/ SDT Charms pink buddha bracelet

Good thing the sun was up when i decided to go for this look on our annual garage sale last week. I knew how hot it would be since the venue was at the parking lot. And of course, the entire day wouldn’t be complete without a 3-6 hour scheduled brownout. Hehe! 

I can remember myself when i was young i would be so happy if the power was out. I don’t know why but i love to sleep when the cold air gets left behind after the power goes out. I’d even sleep longer even if the air conditioner is turned off. My mom always nags about why I don’t turn it on during the day when its hot. Well, i think that explains why i get so cold easily. Lol. =p

That wraps up todays post guys!


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