It’s our 3rd mini blogger challenge! Summer edition.. Choz!

For this challenge, we decided to do the neon trend. As i’ve mentioned on my previous blog post, anyone can actually pull off a neon outfit during the summer season. It’s that time of the year wherein you can go crazy with colors. Well, not too much though. haha!

Neon pink top, floral shorts and a pair of white wedge shoes. Though i don’t really know what happened to my top here, it’s supposed to be neon hot pink. Lol. I tried to tweak it back to its original color but this is all i have managed to adjust. Huhu..


Wickedying’s take on the neon trend. Love those galaxy leggings paired with the neon green pumps! Her top is one of my faves from an old PINKaholic collection by the way, i love the tiny bits of neon details on the buttons and pockets. =)

More on her blog:


Jeroy’s take on the neon challenge. Loving the neon yellow and red combination, Jeroy! A touch of plaid shirt tied to the waist tops of the whole look. Love the shoes by the way! =)

More on Jeroy’s blog:

Hope you guys enjoyed our mini blogger challenge! 


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