The Changing Face of the Wholesale Clothing Industry

A common misconception about wholesale clothing for children is that most consumers associate the term ‘wholesale’ with cheap, low-quality clothes. No discerning customer would like to boast of their ‘wholesale’ clothing purchases. However, wholesale clothing sold in the United States and around world features high quality apparel and accessories that are the choice of millions of customers. Recognizing the potential of the wholesale kids clothing market, big brands such as Nike, Disney, Wal-Mart and Sears have tapped into this market. As a result, consumers in the United States and around the world enjoy access to the same brands that would once be out of their budgetary reach. 

A Changing Customer Demographic

For several decades now, fashion for children has been one of the most profitable industries in the world. The wholesale children’s’ clothing industry in particular, has cut across economic strata with movie stars and soccer moms visiting wholesale stores or wholesale kids e-stores to purchase clothing from big brands and new brands. In response to the varied demographic, wholesale stores have enhanced and expanded their businesses to be able to cater to a wider range of customer needs:

Wholesale Boutiques: The explosion in the demand for branded wholesale children’s clothes has resulted in the creation of ‘wholesale boutiques’ where adults and children can shop in the refinement of a boutique store while enjoying wholesale prices. Several stores offer entertainment, toys, kids’ television and fast food as part of a complete shopping experience. 


Mom-and-Me Stores: The rise of the brand-conscious urban parent has had predictable, yet interesting repercussions on the wholesale clothing industry. Wholesale brands now offer clothing options to both parents and kids while established brands in the wholesale market are glad to add the suffix ‘Kids’ to their existing lines. In part, this phenomenon is based on market studies that suggest that parents who are loyal to a particular set of brands for their own apparel needs are far more likely to buy the same brands for their children. 

Family Wholesale Stores: Some of the biggest brands in the wholesale market such as Urban, Focus, G-Unit and Rocawear offer clothing for toddlers, children, teens, adolescents and adults. Wholesale clothing manufacturers have responded to this massive demand by flooding the market with high-quality clothing, creating a win-win situation for wholesalers and consumers. Over the last decade, the demand for clothing around the world has seen several American and European brands set up stores and clothing lines in countries such as India, the Philippines, China and several African nations. 



Today, wholesale kids clothing offers far more than the low budget, low quality children’s apparel that filled the market half a century ago. It has grown to be a thriving industry that has spread across demographics and continents, rivaling the retail clothing industry in several areas. Wholesale kids’ apparel and accessories are the first choice for a growing number of parents and children who recognize that premium quality does not necessarily mean a premium price and that good, stylish clothes from trusted brands are now available at affordable prices in a nearby store. Quality, affordability and accessibility look to be the hallmark of the children’s wholesale clothing industry for many decades to come.

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