Romwe checkered dress

Forever21 studded purse and cuffs

Zara skull necklace

Jeffrey Campbell str8up


Just got my package from Romwe this week and here’s my first outfit from the bunch. My jaw dropped the moment i saw this dress! Its just beautiful. You know how much i love anything that comes in black. I’m a huge black and white fan actually. I wouldn’t get tired of ‘em. They’re just super ¬†versatile. Don’t you think?

A little tip: Black makes you look thinner. So if you guys wanna look more slender. Wear something black or something that has black cut outs on it, especially on the tummy part where want those muffin tops hidden away. Lol. Anyway, its just an illusion but it really helps. *wink*

Soooo… What are we gonna talk about for today? I actually don’t have anything in mind as of this moment. Hehe! I am all blanked out. Hmm..Oh here’s one. I was thinking of doing a major revamp on my whole blog. I found this perfect theme for it, the one i was actually looking for but i really haven’t tried it yet. It might take up a lot of my time for sure. And i hope to do it all on my own. Nyahaha! Feeling techy si ate. Lols.

So i think thats all for now guys! Till my next post! =)


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