The Heat Is On

Forever21 wedge sneakers

Gifi Clothing I heart gifi top/ Forever21 ombre denim vest

I am debuting my new hair.. hehe! Yeah, back to brown baby! I miss being a brunette. My hair is officially dead by now. Haha! Been through a lot of damaging treatments such as colouring, rebound, curls, bleaching and some other crazy experiments i had to do out of boredom. Poor hair.. I really need some major reviving hair treatments asap! 

Anyway, moving on to todays look. I love to wear my shirts with a pair of shorts and throw on a jacket to add some layer into my outfit. Speaking of shirts, here’s another sponsored look from Gifi Clothing. My shirt says “I heart Gifi”. We all know how easy it is to style simple white shirts. If you’re someone who loves to pile up some in her closet, you better check out Gifi Clothing.

Hope you guys like todays look! =)


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