Zara studded clutch/ cuffs bought from BU4 bazaar


Oasap skirt


Forever21 striped bustier/ Zara leather vest



Forever21 heels


Ever experienced that life and death situation when you’re in a hurry and you’ve already typed the longest friggin’ blog post of your life? So you go ahead and click that “Save” button then click “Preview on blog” and nothing comes up but just pictures??? Everything else is missing!

Aaaaarrgghh… Let it go… Le it go.. Good vibes.  Grrrrr!

I’m okay now… *smile*

Anyway, lets talk about todays look. If you guys have read yesterdays post  then I’m pretty sure you know the story behind this outfit. hehe! But anyway, Let me just go ahead and refresh your memory. =) Wicked and I were invited to FSUU’s annual event, organized by the University’s HRM students. I must admit, i really had fun! It was actually my first time to attend FSUU’s Fuzzion event. I think the students did a great job. From the buffet set-ups, the stage and the rest of the program.

I myself graduated HRM from University of San Carlos in Cebu but i was never really the type of student active enough to join school activities and organizations. I like to be alone most of the time. I go straight home from school… or to the mall. hehe!

Anyway, enough about the little college stories. hehe! Hope you like todays ootd post. =)

By the way, makeup tutorial coming up soon! =)


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