FSUU: Fuzzion ’13

Wickedying and I were invited to take part of the event as one of the judges for a mini fashion show that the HRM students of Father Saturnino Urios University had organized. “Fuzzion: An Evening of Food and Fashion” is an annual culminating activity for HRM students wherein they showcase each of their collection in a mini fashion show that best interprets the chosen theme. For this years theme… I must admit, i was pretty excited about the whole thing when i read the invitation letter that says “theme: The Korean Invasion”. Catchy right? I have always loved korean fashion and of course, the inevitable all-girl groups or what we like to call K-Pop. And i won’t deny it. I love them. hehe!

So here are some snaps i took from the program. Sorry if its too blurry or something. I didn’t brought my camera with me. I just used my phone. =)


Super loved their performance.. I can’t imagine memorizing every single korean word in one whole song. These girls were amazing!



…And of course, who could forget Psy? hehe! This was hilarious! We couldn’t stop laughing. =D

Sooo, that’s all for now guys! =)


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