Like an Emerald



PINKaholic organza skirt/ H&M dress


Gold Dot clutch/ Cuffs from BU4 Bazaar





Fancy Feet gold snake pumps


So i was actually counting the days as to how long i wasn’t able to post anything on my blog. Well, it has been 5 days since my last outfit post. Anyway, I’m working on my next makeup tutorial and i’ll be posting it really soon so better check that out. No, its not going to be a video tutorial. Haha! I can’t stand looking at my own face in an actual video. I look so awkward you have no idea how many times i’ve tried to do a video tutorial. Lol. The tutorial is just the same as the one i posted before with pictures and brief instructions on how to do each step. 

(Check out my first makeup tutorial HERE)

Anyways, about this look. The top I’m wearing is actually a dress. I decided to wear it as a top and just wore a tutu skirt over it to make it look different than your usual fitted dress. I think anyone can do this simple trick and turn your old bandage dresses into a whole new ensemble. Just find something from your closet that would look good as a top. You can even switch it up and use it as a skirt and throw on a nice shirt on or something. =) 

Well, thats all for now guys! I hope I’m not boring you. Lol. mwah! Till my next post. =)


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