Keep On Driving

PINKaholic top and shorts

Zara flats

Topshop waist belt/ spikes bracelet from BU4 bazaar

Forever21 purse

Hey hey! I’m back! =p I know, i know.. that was a long break for me. My apologies… I just wasn’t feeling so good these past few days but i couldn’t stand not posting anything for you guys, so here i am. Back to the old blogging routine and i hope i can keep up this time. I know i’ve been saying that a lot but i really do try my best to do so. 

So about this look… This was actually from last weeks set of photos but i didn’t get the chance to make it into a blogpost. Long story short, backlog. Hehe! Ooooh! by the way, how was everyones valentines day? Bitter ako on valentines day.. I had no one to go out on a date with. Lol! Boyfie is soooo far away. I just went out on a group date with my friends instead, and i think i was the only one who had no one with me. Talk about awkward. haha!

Anyway, i hope you guys like this post. Till my next one! =)


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