One Sunny Day




Forever21 knit top/ Zara shorts/ Cotton On hat



Designerati belt/ Mango fringe bag

Let me tell you something about this fringe bag. I’ve had this for years now and i think i bought this when i was still in my college days. It was actually on sale at a very good price. Despite its very bad condition, i can’t seem to let go of it since its the only black fringe bag that i have and it really goes well with almost everything. I mean c’mon, its been shedding off its leather like crazy! You guys should really see it. Its really gross but it gives the whole bag that worn out look but in other words… overused. Haha! This is like my ultimate night-bag.

I’m still on the look out for that perfect black fringe bag. But for now, I’m just gonna hold on to this. Anyway, I’m just sayin’. Lol. =D


So last wednesday’s outfit, I went for something very comfy for a beautiful sunny day. Yeah, this is a late post and I’m actually writing this post at 4am in the morning. I don’t know why my brain functions well during late hours at night. I’m very productive at this time of the day, or should i say this time of the night. I’m a night person, i know. Haha! Is it just me? Or are you guys experiencing the same thing? In fact, i’m getting worried, this isn’t something you’d call “healthy living”. 

Anyway, i think thats all for now. This is probably the longest blogpost I have ever written. I don’t usually talk this much which is weird. But anyway, just bare with me on this. =D

Hope your like today’s post! Mwah!


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