What’s it to you?



Gifi Clothing tshirt/ Oasap sunglasses


Romwe denim jacket/ PINKaholic crochet shorts


Jeffrey Campbell Night Lita


Love love love the satiny fabric on the cross details of this shirt!

Thank you so much Gifi Clothing! ❤



If only the weather was cold enough for me to wear all these thick clothing and layer up these shirts underneath. That would’ve been so cool. Hehe! Infact, everyone would look so cool in fur or just about any winter clothing. Don’t you agree? 

Anyway, this is just a quick post guys. I am actually running out of words to say. And i don’t want to start babbling about how crazy and awful things are at my ask.fm account. Some people have nothing else to do besides  pissing off other people. Throwing mean, perverted things at you and sticking their noses up on other peoples business just because they’re bored with their own lame lives. You know what? Making fun of us wont make you look or feel any good at all. To me, you sound dumb, ignorant and uneducated with nothing else to do in life but make others miserable just so you could feel good about yourself. Seriously, what’s it to you and whats with all the hatred? Haha! ‘Nuff said. I think i know where that anon’s from though. *wink* 

God bless you, Anon. Peace! =D


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