Sugar Skull

Zara jacket

Gifi Clothing skull print shirt

The moment i got this top from Gifi Clothing, it really reminded me of something… Sugar skulls. I often see these kind of designs on tattoos and are usually very colourful and surrounded by flowers. Its just so pretty! =)

Forever21 leggings and pumps

Sugar skull top, Studded leggings, army jacket and black pumps seems to be the most appropriate get up for the past few days here in Butuan. Rainy season has not left this city yet. Well, atleast i can still wear knits and jackets. Hehe!

Anyway, has anyone noticed anything new here on tumblr? I’m kinda hating all the changes they have put in to the whole dashboard. Its so hard to manipulate things around here. Everything is so small, click here click there. Ugh! I might consider moving into a new home ASAP! But i still don’t know which one. haha! Any suggestions? =)

Please let me know! =)


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