Mind Blowing!

So what have i been eyeing on these past couple of days? 

I’ve been holding back a lot lately on shopping and i swore i’d never buy anything from solestruck, ever. Well, not forever.. that would be so sad. haha! I’m actually on a shoe ban since last year (until now) and the last pair of shoes that i got was the Jeffrey Campbell damsel cross which was uh-mazing! Love those shoes to bits. But here i go again! I can’t seem to hold myself back from browsing their site. Huhu… Look what i found, they’re all so good it makes me cry!

Unif’s Das Boot, im inlove with your transparent heels!

Jeffrey Campbell, Asper… Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I’d wear these out with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans. 

Ugh! Unif’s Hellbound in leopard. You’re so chunky its so hard to ignore you! =p

Jeffrey Campbell, Everly in beige. Been wanting you since last year. 

Jeffrey Campbell’s Devandra in black patent. So beautiful! This one is actually on top of my list!

Of course, my never ending love for Jeffrey Campbell’s Coltrane. And this one right here is her long lost sister, Platrane. Hehe! I’ve always wanted to own a pair on Coltrane’s but ever really had the courage to hit the “buy” button. I think this one is definitely climbing up the list. =)

Booties! I love booties! Especially these in pink and black ombre. Its the Kia by Miista. Super pretty! and i love the zipper details on the sides. 

And last but not the least, i like to throw in some architectural pair of kicks on my list. So here is Phantom, DV8 by Dolce Vita. I love how they incorporated 4 different materials in one shoe. I love the patent, the wooden heel and the off white leather closure on the ankles.

Which ones are your favourite? =)

All photos courtesy of Solestruck.com.

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