Just Landed

PINKaholic top and peplum shorts

Balenciaga bag/ Tory Burch leopard flats

I bet you guys already know where this photo was taken. This was from way back pre-BU4 days when wickedying and i arrived in Manila 2days before the bazaar. So happy to finally take outfit shots in a different location. Been dying for this chance! This ones at the airport…it was a 9am flight and we just landed so excuse the haggard-nezz fez. haha!

As for my super late blog post. Expect more backlogs on my next 2 or more posts. Been having a hard time resizing my photos and doing the layout ‘cuz my Photoshop’s been acting up lately and i am too lazy to take it to the service center… Or have someone look at it. Ugh! It just annoys me when something suddenly crashes when all i do was open the damn Photoshop and shut it down when I’m done.

Anyway, How was everyone’s Christmas? Hope you all had fun! Mine was… blah! Won’t bother sharing it to you guys. Let’s just say.. it was pretty boring. Spent my Christmas watching Revenge in bed, drinking coke AND spilled coke on my bed. Haha! What a night! =p

Merry Christmas guys!!!! mwah!


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