Bloggers United 4

I’m just gonna do one BIG blogpost about the event from day 1 to 2. Photo-heavy lang ang post na to okay? hehe!

Super love the entrance! Ang class lang, diba? hehe!

Hey there, Woobie!

Our humble booth. hihi!

PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe! =)

Maya Kibbel. I am sooooo in love with her hair.. =)

And of course, just right beside our booth. The fab Ms. Divine Lee! Kabog talaga yung outfit, i can’t pull off something like this. I’m pretty bummed that i wasn’t able take a full outfit shot of her since she was swarmed by a lot of fans, and i mean a lot.

Paul Highness! Great to see you again paul! Cool as always! =)

Tin Iglesias! Great to finally meet you tin! So pretty! =)

Of course, I wouldn’t miss a chance to take a photo with Bea Benedicto. She is sooo pretty! Na starstruck lang naman ako!

The pretty Raiza Poquiz of Misspopquiz!

With Kryz Uy! We were like talking here so please excuse the facial expressions. Haha!

Its Krissy of Krissyfied! Just right across our booth. =)

Style siblings Vern and Verniece‘s booth was just in front of ours. Look how cute they are. =)

Verniece at the PINKaholic booth. =)

My sister with Vern and Verniece. =)

Fabgelous‘ booth! Selling the cutest little knickknacks and accessories. I wanted to get the pin that had #Bloggers United engraved on it but someone already had it first before i did. Huhu.. I wanted to buy it as a BU souvenir. =(

Finally! Shopping for OS accessories!

Break-time! Hihi!

We each had our own World Bazaar Festival cupcakes as giveaways!

Yummy red velvet cupcakes. On top was woobie who was made of rice crispies. I already ate it. Hehe!

That’s all for my Bloggers United 4 post! I Hope everyone had a great time at the bazaar and thank you sooo much for all who dropped by at our booth.

Please, tag me on Instagram (@fashionbandwagon) or Twitter if you have photos that has me in it. Lols!

Thank you again!


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