Winter Wish

Zara belt

Forever21 top/ Cotton On skirt

Topshop booties

Vivilli knitted cardigan

Ever wished for winter here in Philippines? I did. When i was little, i remember kids would keep talking about when the year 2000 comes, snow would begin to fall here in the country and that we’d have winter season by then. Haha! I fell for that and i couldn’t even wait for the year 2000 to come.  Well, its almost 2013 and there is nooo sign of snow. Lol!

If only we have all 4 seasons here… hmm.

Anyway, here’s an ootd. Super winter lang ang peg diba? Hihi! I got this knitted cardigan from Vivilli. I love all the patterns on it and its color. Very winter-ish diba? I’m just gonna keep this for future use. A white Christmas next year perhaps?

That’s all for now guys! Hope you enjoyed my coming back look. =)


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