I Love Lush!

So here i bought a few goodies from Lush. This post will be just a quick review on each product that i got. And i don’t expect everyone reading this to also get the same stuffs that i got since we all have different preferences when it comes to smell. Some of these may not smell pleasant for you so I really suggest you go to Lush if ever you wanna try out their products. =)

You Snap The Whip

This one is a body butter. And when i say its a body butter it really does have the consistency of a melting butter. Okay, i know it looks a bit disgusting but this soap leaves your skin incredibly soft and smooth. Another thing I really love about this is the powdered charcoal that exfoliates and scrubs your skin. I got this simply because i love its scent and i was a bit curious about the color too. But overall, i really like this soap.

American Dream Hair Conditioner

As you can see, i have used up a lot of this already and so far I am loving it but not that much since it doesn’t really leave that soft feeling on your hair and i don’t recommend using this everyday cuz it tends to dry up the hair. Though it is really creamy and it smells good too. It actually smells like vanilla milkshake.

What i do love about this conditioner is the fact that it really leaves your hair smelling super super good from day to night. Yep, it does!


This one is a facial cleanser and scrub. It also looks like a pesto sauce and pretty much smells like it. haha! But aside from the thought of having pesto sauce on your face, this one says that its a perfect cleanser/scrub for oily faces since it has anti-bacterial sage oil which clears up blemishes and decongests clogged pores.

So far, i think i like this. I love how it gently exfoliates your face and leaves it feeling soft without drying.

Mint Julips

What can i say? I love this lip scrub! The smell and the taste of minty chocolate sugar. Yes, you can actually just lick it off your lips right after scrubbing it and it gives you a minty fresh breath and soft lips. I like to use this right before i put on my lipstick.

Clockwise from left:

Sultana of soap
I love how this soap exfoliates and how it lathers up so well and how it also leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling sooo good. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t last long, it melts and its really messy since it has these chunks of dried currants and apricots which will surely clog your drain. Lol

The Godmother
Uhmm.. no reviews for this yet. Still haven’t tried it. Sorry! Hehe! But one thing i’ve noticed about this soap is that it has these tiny purple gitters in it and it really smells good too.

Miranda soap
In terms of smell, i don’t know about you guys but i think i like this one better than Sultana of Soap. And for me, i think this is very moisturizing. I don’t even have to put on lotion right after using this in the shower. This one also lasts longer compared to Sultana of Soap.

Sooo, i think that’s all for my Lush review… For now. Hope you enjoyed this! =)


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