Red Velvet Goodness

Romwe red velvet shorts

Zara belt

Forever21 gold heels

PINKaholic gold necklace

Time for an ootd!

Thank God for scheduled posts and by the time you guys have read this I’m probably somewhere in Manila by now. Yey! for out of town trips! Haha! And when i get back I Hope I’ll be able to talk or blog about other things other than an ootd. =p

Sooo, about this look. Don’t you just love velvet? Not only do they look luxurious but there’s something about them that looks very elegant and dressy too. Maybe its because of its cloth, notice how velvet appears a little iridescent? I love how soft they feel. Anyway, these pair also came in from the Romwe package that i got last week. Fits me perfectly, love the length and how it manages to give me a little shape since its a high-waisted shorts. Haha! Speaking of shape, I think I’ve taken in some weight, don’t you think? Been eating a lot lately.

Blah, whatever i don’t wanna talk about weight. I love to eat. That’s it! Haha!

Hope you like today’s post!


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