Take me to the place i love

Zara shorts/ H&M braided belt

PINKaholic army vest/ Forever21 top

Jeffrey Campbell damsel cross

Military looks are totally back..Last time i remember myself wearing one of those army pants are waaaay back elementary days. I had a baggy camouflage print cargo pants that i really liked to wear. Yeah… I even had it in khaki. haha!

Anyway, for this look i also got to give these damsel babies a roadtest. They’re pretty comfy despite the chunkiness and the height of the platform. Will be doing a separate blog post on them. =)

Soooo as you can see, I am now back to black. Teehee! I’ve had enough of those blonde-ish colors or browns. I wanted my hair to look as dark as possible. It just popped into my head that i MUST dye my hair jet black. And I looove it! What do you think? =)

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Till my next post guys! Mwah!


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