Enter Sandman

Romwe denim jacket

Forever21 muscle tee/ Topshop shorts

FivebyFive boots

I’ve had these pair for quite awhile now and i still can’t let go of them. I love how chunky they are. =)

The tribal print details which is my favorite part and acid washed finish on the jacket is L.O.V.E! Both are just perfect together!

And a for the last photo.. pptttthhhh! hehe!

Me and my oversized jacket!

I’m in love with this denim jacket. I love how it hangs over my small frame and drops down just below my hips. I know it swallows me but who cares? Keribels lang.. hehe! I’d wear this again when the weather gets cold since this one’s really thick.

So yeah, it was pretty hot outside. I’m sure you can tell by the way my eyebrows meet at the center. I know i always do that on every single photo but this was just way too much to handle.. Sun was scorching and this is the only time i have to take photos during the day. I even had makeup on but i had to wear my sunnies to keep my eyes from squinting. You don’t want that in your photos. Hehe!

Laterrzz! =)


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