New Buys: 10.05.12

Its been really hard for me to find phone cases for my s3. Online shops who are selling phone cases has been flooded with iphone cases. Agree? hehe! I’m not really an iphone person. Not a fan and there is no way I’m paying $$$ for a phone that quickly produces one model after another. In other words, it rapidly depreciates the value of the phone itself. hehe! NOT AN EXPERT, but that’s what I’ve noticed. Sorry, no offense to iphone users, its just an opinion. Gon’ stop talking now beforethis post turns into an Iphone vs. Samsung S3 review. Haha! I still love apples though. Lol!

So here are the S3 cases that i got from Cases for your gadgets!

For this case, its a little bulky and it makes your phone look hella fat. But what i love about this is that it really protects the sides of your phone from scratches since its covered in plastic and rubber.

…And a stand. This is what I am actually using right now. =)

Another one is a flip top cover. The usual phone case you’d normally get if you like to cover up your screen to avoid scratches and dust. Especially for us girls wherein we just like to toss everything into our ginormous bags. Trulaloo? hehe!

And of course! Who forgets the leopard print? This one just completely covers up the back portion of the phone. It also protects my phone from dirt and scratches since my phone is in white. Love love love the smooth leopard print on this case!

Thank you so much, Chrisma!

Check out Cases For Your Gadgets! =)

Sooo, thats all for now guys! Hope you liked my post! hehe!


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