Skeletons In My Closet

PINKaholic skull leggings

Romwe peplum top/ Zara bag

Romwe silver cuffs and spike ring

Zara shoes

Time for an ootd post!

How’s everyone doing? Sorry i haven’t been posting a lot of looks the past few days, I had to run a few errands at work and finish it asap. But I’m back now. So what did i miss? Hehe!

So about the look… Here I’m wearing a top from Romwe that just got in last week. I see that peplum tops have been one of the most popular trends these days. They’re pretty cute actually, especially when you pair them with leggings, printed pants or skirts. For my look, i wanted to try it with a pair of leggings. I wore a pair of skull printed leggings from PINKaholic’s Let It Reign collection.

In other news, have you seen the Shoephoric site lately? I am so thrilled to see myself and wickedying on their homepage! We are their featured shoephoric’s for the month of September.

Go checkout their site! And while your at it, better make your own account as well. Its a pretty good site wherein you can virtually organize your shoe collection. You can actually divide them into categories such as stilettos, platforms, wedges, etc.

A great way to have your own virtual shoe closet! ❤

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