In blue denim I meet you

Romwe denim bustier

Topshop blazer/ Forever21 floral shorts and sunglasses

CMG wooden clogs

PINKaholic assorted bangles


Lazy day outfit.

Shorts, bustier top and a blazer to keep me warm. I always believe in my own rule about balance. I always balance everything from top to bottom by always making sure to cover up the top part when I’m wearing short shorts to avoid looking… *tooot*.. you know what i mean. hehe! Just avoid exposing too much skin. But honestly, I’d really like to try the high waisted shorts paired with a bustier top trend. I think it looks sexy and super fierce.. I might try that one day, just not in this town. haha!

Like my denim bustier? I got them from Romwe.. Its actually on sale now for $19.67 (buy!). I love the fact that its in light washed denim since i find denim really easy to work with. Overall, i think they’re pretty versatile.

That’s all for todays ootd guys! Till my next post.. =)


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