Jailhouse Rock

H&M elvis top and belt / Forever21 white denim shorts

Wooden skull bracelets from my sister. Super cutie! I’m having my own skull arm party. Hehee!

Primadonna neon wedge

Days felt like forever.. Whew! Sorry wasn’t able to keep my blog updated. I had to spend time with my friends since one of them came back from the states after being away for 8 years! Yes.. That’s like almost a decade. We had to spend time with her the whole time since she’s going to be here for 2 weeks only.

So about the look.. This was last saturday’s outfit. I had to take these neon babies out on a spin. It was a little rainy but i had nothing to worry since they were in patent leather so i assume they were waterproof.  =)

How’s everybody doin’ lately? Oops! Before i forget.. PINKaholic is cooking up something new for all of you and I’m pretty sure you’re all going to love our new collection that’s coming up really soon. Wait, Did i say you’re going to love the whole collection? hehe! Just makin’ sure. Please don’t miss it. =)


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