Chiffon and spikes

Darling Clothes chiffon blouse

HSF Shoe Goddess spiked pumps

Topshop bodycon skirt

Vintage bag from mom

Time for an ootd!

I must admit.. I wasn’t very consistent in posting looks for the past few days.  Guess what? Rainy season finally hits Butuan and i don’t wanna take photos when the sun is out. Who does? lol!

Anyway, lets talk about this look. Darling Clothes sent me this beautiful chiffon top with silver bead works on the shoulder. I’d love to try wearing it with a pair of shorts too if i find one that would go perfectly with the top. Will do a another look on these soon.

And the shoes.. You know how much i love anything with spikes and studs. So without a doubt, i had to get them before HSF runs out of my size.

I think that’s all for now ladies! I’m still thinking on what my next project would be so i could blog about something else other than posting ootd’s. hehe! What do you guys suggest?


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