Tutorial: Ombre Nails

Just a quick tutorial on how i do my Ombre Nails. Sorry for the photography.. I had no one with me to take the pictures.. So yeah, i was multitasking. haha!

I’m not a pro… I just used whatever there is i could find. hehe!

Here’s what you need:

  • Your favorite top coat. Mine is the Seche Vite dry fast topcoat.
  • Pick out 2 different colored nail polish. You can also do 3 colors if you want to. What I’m using here is the San San nail polish.
  • Foam. Just like the ones we use as earring cushions.
  • A piece of paper.
  • Toothpick or anything sharp to mix out the nail polish. I’m using a hairpin. Lol!

First off:

Apply a base color and let it dry.


Mix the colors you would like to use on the paper and mix them just a little at the center or where each colors meet.

I’m using the San San nail polish that i got from HBC. You guys should try this polish. It stays on for weeks! Its really good! Great quality nail polish for just php37.00! How cool is that? =p

Dip the foam.

Pat lightly onto you nails until it creates an ombre effect. =)

Put some topcoat on and your good to go! =)

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Hope this tutorial helps! =)


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