New Buys: 08.08.12

My latest buys while i was in CDO for a short trip with my madir. =)

Smashbox, Click You’re It holiday eye palette

Palette contains 15 eye shadows, 5 cream eyeliners and comes with a mini photo finish lid primer.

And so i had to get it! hehe!

Lookie here!

Makeup flash cards! Lols! A few tips and ideas on how you can create looks using this palette. How cool is that?

I think this would also be a perfect gift for all your makeup addict friends. =)

New shoesies!

Got myself a pair of neon wedges from Primadonna. So cuuute!

That’s all for now guys!

New outfit post soon.. hehe!

Anyway, watched the news and saw how bad the flood was. It was heartbreaking to see babies being rescued from the flood, animals soaking in mud, people losing their homes and their families. So sad. =(

I hope everyone is fine out there…

Stay safe guys!



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