Hello Angie

Romwe pink top

Ichigo Angie flats

Time for some flats!

PINKaholic assorted bangles and necklace/ Chicwish envelope clutch

Zara floral shorts/ Dorothy Perkins belt

From bottom to top. Starting from the flats I’m wearing to picking out the right pieces that would go together with these Angie flats, Ichigo sent me this week.

I don’t own that much flats anymore, But Ichigo has always been my go-to brand when it comes to flats. Comfy but still very stylish. Those two are what i always look for when it comes to flats. It ain’t flats if its isn’t comfy. Lol!

Thank you Ichigo! ❤

I actually got addicted to their shoes especially those times when oxfords and brogues were the hit of the season.

Look what i snagged from their past collection of brogues! Teehee! Too bad i ran out of sizes for the others. =(

That’s all for today guys! =)



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