Current obsession? Corsets! I’m crazy about these.. Still hunting for more. Teehee!

Zara sheer button down dress/ Forever21 corset

Zara bag

Bestfinds Thriftshop studded denim cutoffs/ Shoe Etiquette ankle boots

OOTD for last sunday’s outfit when i was still in Hongkong. It was the perfect outfit for a suuuper hot day.  It was the complete opposite of the weather here in the Philippines wherein its like raining and gloomy all the time.

But not ‘till Monday when signal no. 3 typhoon was hoisted and unfortunately… our flight schedule was on the same day the typhoon arrived. It was raining like crazy with matching strong winds. We could even feel the plane shaking while we were on queue to take off.

That was the ride of our lives! Haha!

Anyway, I’m glad we got home safe, Thank God! hehe!



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