Pretty In Plum

Forever21 jumpsuit

Rayban wayfarers/ YSL Easy bag

Forever21 suede boots

Saying hello to hongkong again.. Weeee!

Weather was scorching hot.. like really hot. Thank heavens for high rise buildings, it pretty much blocked out the sun on a lot of the streets we walked through. It was 30degrees outside!

About the OOTD, this jumpsuit i got from F21 was actually a backless.. I’m sure some of you have seen this from the F21 racks. Great! I forgot to take a picture of the back. Teehee! Anyway, i also got to wear my F21 plum suede boots… Unintentionally! I realized i was wearing a whole F21 look while i was scanning the photos. Haha! Di ako maxadong fan ng F21. Who could blame? They always got the good stuffs. Lol!

Anyway, thats all for now everyone! Hope you like this post. =)



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