Walking On A Dream

Rayban wayfarers

Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes/ Balenciaga bag

PINKaholic top/dress/ Forever21 necklace

PINKaholic oversized ombre shorts

This was last Saturdays OOTD when i flew out for a quick trip to Cebu with my parents to attend a wedding. It was.. hmm.. quick. haha! Although it was just a short visit, i still managed to go out with some friends and catch up with them… “singit mode”, haha!

At Ilaputi with rhea! Thanks for the gift dod! hehe! Loveeeet! ❤ I shall return! haha! ❤

Drinks at The Distlillery… On a Sunday! Lol!

Our mini bloggers meetup with Vanessa, Gillian, Rabsin, Kristine and Joven.

Bottoms up ladies! ❤

I wanna go back to Cebu soooo baaaad… I miss everything. Plus! Lots of new places to go out and eat, eat, eat! Ugh.. why am i not still in college? haha!

Till’ next post guys! mwah!



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