Cut it out and then restart

Choies pink shorts/ Forever21 cardigan

I’m loving these pair of shorts that i got from choies. I never really had pale pink shorts thats why i choose this instead of going for the leather ones that i had set my eyes on. Good thing i went for these! Pretty comfy and i love the fact that its garterized.

Thank you Choies clothing!

WAGW necklace/ Forever21 gold cuff

Tonic bag

CMG Oro Nero clogs

Outfit of the day!

Hello dearies! How was your weekend? Its been raining like crazy here in the city. I bet some of you have heard about a flash flood that happened here in Butuan. I hate this weather.

So anyway, today i opted for something very comfy and something that would keep me warm when the rain comes. Rain comes in at around 2pm or 4pm in the afternoon. Yes, i know its schedule ‘cuz it always rains during those times and it gets really, really dark. Lol!

Hope you like today’s look! Keep warm everyone! ❤



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