Sugar Sweet

PINKaholic cut out top/ Forever21 shorts

Prism Shop tiger bangle/ Aldo gold watch

Forever21 spiked necklace

Pill glitter shoes

I’m actually getting tired of my blonde hair. I think ‘imma go back to my brown hair now. Sometime next week, but still contemplating on whether to brown or to blonde?? Hmmm.. =)

Sugar Sweet.. That’s what i would call this cutie top from an old collection of PINKaholic. hehe! I’ve had this for the longest time now but never had the confidence to wear it. I feel like my arms look huge in them and that my shoulders would stretch into another mile. I have super wide shoulders that if I’d expose them too much I would look like a clothing hanger. Lol! Well anyway, i finally gave it a chance and decided to wear it. Finally! hehe!

Hope you like today’s look guys! mwah!

And oh, Happy Independence Day! ❤



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