Cebu: May ’12

Last May, boyfie and i had our little field trip to Oslob, Cebu to go whale shark diving. Before he even got to Philly, he was like bugging me that we’d go there and swim with the whales. I wasn’t all that hyped about the idea of going since it was a 3hr drive from Cebu City and hmm.. i wasn’t that into it. All I wanted to do was pig out and party while I’m out of town. Teehee! But, i decided to go for it anyway since he wanted it so bad. Funny thing is.. i actually enjoyed the whole experience. hehe!

Super love my Tonic, Tribal Bella bag.

I really wasn’t feeling the urge to dress up for the beach.. I was super sick when we went to Oslob. Had a slight fever and i was all dehydrated. Good thing boyfie was there to take care of me. Chooozz! hehe!

Love this part here. It was a life and death situation but we just had to stop over and take a few photos. hehe!

We got there around 9:30am. Just in time to see the whales. =)

Spotted the first whale shark! I got super excited i kept on tugging boyfie and telling him how cute they were. haha!

I don’t know about you guys but i find them adorable.. plus, friendly! hehe!

Look how happy I am! haha!

I think we spotted around 6 whale sharks. How cool is that?

Sights like these make a whole 3hr drive all worth it. =)

Headed back around 12noon. Took a few photos along the way. Beee-au-ti-ful!!! ❤

After the whale shark diving, we headed straight to Imperial Palace in Mactan to go parasailing. We we’re super tired but we really wanted to do everything in one day.  =)

Cloud formed into a heart. Haha! Weird lang noh?

Super high!

We caught the sunset while we we’re still up above! Weee! Super beautiful! ❤

Whale shark diving. Check.

Parasailing. Check.

Done for the day!

Thanks for everything love! My summer wouldn’t be that great if it wasn’t for you. Teehee! mwah! ❤



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