Bloggers United 3!

I know i haven’t blogged in a long time now. I’ll make it all up to you guys. I promise! I missed updating my blog and blogging about my daily outfit posts. Now I’m back to my old routine. So no worries. Teehee! =)

So last Saturday was the most awaited event of the month.. Yes, Bloggers United 3! And i must say, it was a success. Me, my sister and wicked had so much fun selling our pre-loved stuffs and of course, a few items from PINKaholic were also displayed.

Nuff said. Here are some (a lot!) photos i took from the event. =)

Our booth was near the entrance. Check it out! the venue was jampacked!!!

Shoesies, all at 500php. =)

One day only. PINKaholic new collection at 10% off.. Only at Bloggers United 3! =)

Guess who owns this booth?

Yes, its mother becky! Her booth was just right across ours! waaaah! =)

Checked out some of her dresses. Some of it still had their tags on. Sayang! None of them would fit me. tsk!

Stacy of The Plump Pinay! I sooo love her red hair.. and shes super pretty! Their both pretty actually. =)

Its Paul! Cool cap! ❤

…and my most favorite outfit of the day. Kookie’s look is LOOOOOVE!!! ❤

Never thought that I’d one day meet the adorable Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform, who came all the way from Jakarta just to be part of Bloggers United. She’s so cute! =)

Photo op!

Top blogger Laureen Uy was also there! So pretty!

Check out her amazing heeless shoes! ❤

And of course, Camille Co was also there. =)

Freebies! Lots and lots of freebies! Lols!

Anyway… Thank you so much to everyone who visited our booth at the Bloggers United 3! I hope you all enjoyed shopping pre-loved stuffs from your favorite bloggers. I know i enjoyed every bit of it even though i wasn’t able to buy anything from the other booths. Haha! Thanks also to Paxie for inviting us to join the bazaar! hehe! Ano to? Speech? haha!

That’s all for now guys! =)

Laterrr. =)

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