This just in! Romwe and Luxury Mall

New package has arrived from Romwe and Luxury Mall!

Dresses from Romwe.

Finally, ive decided to step out of the normal clothes and just choose the ones with the unique designs. Though both dresses are in solid colors, the hemlines will surely give out an edgy feeling to the whole look. =)

This is just a peek. Will wear ‘em soon..! ❤

New shoesies from Luxury Mall! Cutiiiees! You know how much i love shoes.. sooo nuff said. hehe!

By the way, its almost saturday guys! Bloggers United 3! Wicked and I are super excited for this event since its our first time to be part of a huge event together with bloggers from all over philippines.

Don’t forget to visit our booth. PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe will also be there. Yay! We’re finally bringing it to you! 

We’re on booth 17. We also encourage everyone to bring eco bags so you can just stuff everything you bought in one bag. Its much easier than having so many plastic bags. Right? hehe! =)

Let’s try going green! =)

See you there! =)

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