It’s always darkest before the dawn

Forever21 top and headband

StyleStaple gold shorts/ Prism Shop bangles

Topshop boots

Was suppose to use this for my post. But ended up using the wide shot instead. Just for a change. Teehee!

Anywaaaay, this was last Thursday’s outfit of the day. And as for usual, I’m sure some of you already know where we go on Thursdays. Its our usual meetup day with Wickedying and her boyfie, DJChrclmnky. Choz! Where’s DJMariel?? Lol! Wicked’s boyfie plays house music regularly at a local bar here called Boy’s Beer and Wine Room. If you happen to drop by Butuan, hangout there for a few drinks and some good music. Chill lang ang peg. But the place does get stuffed on weekends if you’re in the mood for some partying. =p

Photo by: Wickedying

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