New Waves

Tadah! New hair! Do you guys like it? Teehee! Finally got rid of my old curls. =p

Topshop beaded top/ Forever21 floral shorts

Topshop boots

YSL bag

Forever21 tribal necklace

My one and only decent outfit shoot while wicked and I were in manila. Most of our photos were all blurry and i didn’t wanna use them at all. hehe!

Anyway, i had my hair done on this very day, i had my roots retouched and bleached back to blonde. I also had the dry ends of my hair cut-off, finally! I felt that the uneven curls made my hair look dry and frizzy, not to mention unmanageable. (eew!) So yeah.. I’m happy with how it looks like right now. Teehee! =)

Wicked and I also went to Forever21’s opening launch at SM North. Will blog about that soon! ❤

Hope you like today’s post! =)

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