Sunnies and Florals

Sunnies and Florals! I love the summer-ish sound of it. hehe! But sadly, it still keeps on raining here in Butuan. Like, everyday, hmm.. weird. Is it like April already wherein we all get into out little swimsuits and run to the beach and get all sunburned? hehe! Although I’m really not the type of person who likes getting tan lines. Sun is too harsh and its painful, i feel like I’m on fire or something and i hate it. I may sound like a party pooper but im really not much of a “sun” person. I get all hot headed and short tempered once I’m left out under the sun. Lol!


Gold Dot elektra clutch

Romwe fuchsia top/ PINKaholic floral shorts

Shoe Goddess pale pink pumps

Here’s todays summer look! A fuchsia top from Romwe. Sunnies from Romwe also, which reminds me of the ones from Prada. Super cuuute, right? Another item i love is the metallic clutch from Gold Dot. It just adds an amazing touch to the whole look. Love love love!

Paired the top with this seasons must-haves… Floral shorts from PINKaholic! hehe! And last but not the least, a pair of pale pink pumps. ooh, and it rhymes too. haha!

Sooo, anyway, last night was PINKaholic’s launch on our first collection for our new website. Unfortunately, the website crashed. Lol! It was due to some sort of website, server.. whatever overload. I dunno. haha! Good thing its back now. hehe! Anyway, we are very sorry for the inconvenience guys.. our apologies. =(

I think that’s all for now guys!

Please do check out our new PINKaholic website. Thank you! =)

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