Blue Trousers

Forever21 ring and leopard belt

Folded & Hung red platforms

PINKaholic gold bib necklace/ H&M top

The Second Shop blue trousers

Wow! Good thing i got out alive! haha! Me and sissy got very busy yesterday with the new PINKaholic website and don’t forget to throw in the part wherein we sort out everything for our latest collection that’s coming up very soon, whoa! Excitiiing!!! =)

Yey to a whole new home! hehe! Our very own PINKaholic website. Finally! Register HERE and win freebies!

Later guys! Goin’ out later with the Wickedying for our usual Thursday night drinks over a whole plate of fish&chips. haha!

Speaking of Wickedying.. I think today’s the last day of voting for’ Style Correspondent. Vote for Mariel W. a.k.a Wickedying! HERE!

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