We all look for heaven and we put our love first

Made it look more “me” by rolling up the sleeves to avoid looking all miss. prim and proper.. =p

DAS das34 heeless shoes

Zara skirt/ Forever21 polo

Forever21 ring and bracelet/ Random find collar

Look here! I’m all dolled up and girly! Haha! This is such a huge step for me to look all feminine.. trust me.. it makes me a bit uncomfortable. haha! I’m really not the girly type, but hey.. There’s no harm in trying, right? I think its nice to go all girly girl once in awhile.. teehee!

Anyway, don’t you just love these fab DAS heeless shoesies? Hawt hawt hawt! Its from their latest release.. I just had to get one asap.. I even had a day to think about it if i really wanted to get one.. I was like debating with myself for the whole 24hrs.. haha! So yeah, in the end i decided to grab me one of these and realized that i didn’t have Pink shoesies.

Thats all for now lovelies! Later!!! mwah! =)

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