This is What Makes Us Girls

Yes… I’m actually smiling. Lol!

PINKaholic belt (coming soon)

PINKaholic top and shorts

Jeffrey Campbell lana

PINKaholic bangles/ Forever21 rings/ Aldo gold watch

Sooo, ive been listening to Lana Del Rey’s album over over for like days now and i still can’t stop listening to the whole album. Overall, i love her songs. hehe! Although a lot of the people say she sucks live… hmmm.. Well, i guess so, i mean yes, she’s all over the place.. But i adore her songs anyway. =)

Anyway, today im wearing a sequined top, denim shorts and my lana boots. I don’t think its too early to be all dressed in sequins. It’s almost the weekend, right? hehe!

Till next post guys! Goin out tonight with Wickedying for some drinks while  muching on our favorite fish fillet! haha! Aaaand! Speaking of Wickedying.. Please vote for her to be’s Style Correspondent! Just leave a comment (“I vote Mariel W”), easy peasy! Vote HERE.

Thank you everyone! mwah! =)

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