It ain’t over yet

Yey! My first outfit post from a week out of town.. uhmm.. away from the computer actually.. haha!

WAGW cut-out sweater

Sugarlips midas shorts

I love all the sequined details on these shorts.. I can go all rocker to girly with these! Will definitely do another look on these soon! =)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

So heres what im wearing today. I know what you’re thinking.. “why the hell is she wearing knits when its almost summer?” haha! Heres why: Rainy days still ain’t over here in Butuan! And yes, it gets freakin’ cold then its sunny again and id rather be all covered up than catch a cold from wearing backless tops. hehe!

Oh by the way… Tadah!!! My new hair! haha! Im starting to lose my curls.. sad.. =(

Check out the package they sent! It was wrapped up in red wrapping paper and all boxed up with love.. hehe!

Thank you so much Sugarlips! =)

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