Shadow Stud

Hello my lovely readers! hehe! Been a looooong week for me.. was away for days and I couldn’t even get to a nearby computer and had no plans on bringing my laptop too. Their too heavy! haha!

Anyway, im back! Finally! I really missed home.. a lot. I miss my bed, my dogs, etc. hehe! And i missed blogging too. =) Speaking of blogging, i wasn’t able to take pictures during my trip, Didn’t even have cam on hand. Loser lang! lol! So here’s a shoe haul! My Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Studs just flew in and they…. are…. a…. mazing!!! Fierce rather. I can’t even explain the excitement i felt when i finally got hold of the box. I didn’t even wanna take ‘em off when i tried them on. Weee!!! Will do a look on these babies soon. =)

Oh by the way! Shoutout to the birthday girl! My sister Sheila.. hehehe!

Happy Birthday! You’re now officially — years old! hehe! =)

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