Sexy White Shirt

Does anyone remember that time when plain white shirts were so in? Like everyone was wearing them in a lot of different ways? Including hollywood celebrities. I will never forget how celebrities wore oversized white shirts with leggings, flipflops and a scarf. I think thats how the trend began. hehe!

PINKaholic leopard shorts

DAS heel-less shoes

Sexy White Shirt Manila white tee

Forever21 fringe necklace and cuffs/ Bubbles fangs connector ring

I don’t think white shirts will go out of fashion.. ever. They’re like the most basic pieces that everyone should have in their closets. And i think i have found my perfect white tee.

Its from Sexy White Shirt Manila. All i can say is that everything about this shirt im wearing fits great on me. It also has the type of fabric that’s not too thin which i really hate about the usual shirts i buy in the market. Another thing i love about their shirts is the neckline area which cuts just right where i want it. Therefore, its the perfect white tee! =)

Anyway, thats all for now guys! Later! =)

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