Pink on a saturday

Topshop polo/ PINKaholic skirt

Jeffrey Campbell 4evz

PINKaholic gold leaf necklace/ Forever21 leopard belt

Hello again everyone! Didn’t get to blog about anything for a few days. I got sick, and i wasn’t in the mood to be doing anything. My cough had gotten worse from  eating a bag of jelly belly’s. Nyahaha! But im fine now… Anyway, enough about getting sick. Lets get to the point on what this post is about. hehe! Well, obviously its an outfit post. This was actually yesterdays look. Just a simple outfit for a saturday.

Went out to go meetup with wickedying and her boyfie for a “meeting” about something we’ve cooked up for PINKaholic. hehe! Exciting! hehe!

As for usual,i didn’t get to run these babies(4evz) out for a spin since its been raining like crazy here in Butuan. I wont risk getting these cuties all wet. lol!

Later guys! have a great sunday! ❤

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