Heading for Macau

Cache Cache denim polo/ PINKaholic studded shorts

Balenciaga bag

Topshop fur coat/ FivebyFive boots/ Aldo gloves

Headed for Macau last thursday. Super coooold! Good thing i brought with me my fur coat that i got from Topshop a few years ago.. I actually got them on sale at 70% off! In my size! haha! I felt so lucky to have the last piece on the rack. teehee!

I really had a great time last week. I also enjoyed the cool weather in Hongkong. I do really prefer going there when its cold since its pretty hot here in the philippines for 365 days, Lol! Unless it rains, so yeah, its either rainy or sunny. haha! But im still thankful for our weather though.. lol! I realized how much of a hassle it is to have to change wardrobes in every season, windburns and what if the water heater dies? lol!

Later guys! mwah! ❤

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