Tribal Touch

Feels so good to be back on track.. and blogging again. haha! Im starting to love all this new found blogging life of mine. And im starting to get a hang of it.. hmm.. i just need a new look for my blog. haha! Daming gusto lang. haha! So if anyone can help me.. please, drop me a message. hehe! =)

PINKaholic sheer black top and feather necklace

Folded & Hung red heels

The Second Shop b&w ethnic shorts

About this look.. This is what i wore on my first day in cebu. A sheer black top from PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe from the holiday 2011 collection. I don’t really get to wear this top so often, i’ve always thought it was too dressy to be wearing black and sheer tops during the day. Not to mention my flight was around 7 in the morning. But who cares? haha! Well anyway, i also get to wear one of my new online purchases. The tribal shorts which i love love love.. got these from The Second Shop. They just had a new batch of high-waisted shorts as part of their 26th collection. Aaand for the shoes.. Yes, its the high stacked red heels again. haha! I just can’t get enough of this. It just goes well with everything. hehe!

Enough chit chat. haha! Later guys! ❤

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